Stories by By Randal Jackson

CDP anticipated IBM's Cognos buyout

IBM’s offer for Cognos had been well anticipated by CDP, the exclusive distributor for Cognos in New Zealand for more than the past 20 years.

PAL testing complete

Acceptance testing has been completed on the long-delayed Public Access to Legislation System (PAL).

Hazardous waste tracking goes online

Between May 2005 and January 2007, New Zealand generated 153 million litres of liquid and hazardous waste. Until recently, it would not have been possible to know that figure because there was nothing in place to measure waste.

Passport upgrade aims to reduce IT complexity

The Department of Internal Affairs aims to reduce the complexity of its legacy technologies and also make system change easier when it redevelops New Zealand’s passport system.

Nordics gauge NZ broadband technology market

When it comes to broadband, New Zealand is at least a couple of years behind the Nordic countries, which are also four to five years ahead of much of Europe, says Michael Engstrom, vice president business development for broadband solution-provider PacketFront.