Stories by Sharon Florentine

How to Attract Agile Development Talent

Identifying, attracting and hiring software developers is tough enough in a booming IT job market, but finding the unique set of soft skills that classify developers as agile talent – above and beyond their technical expertise - adds another layer of difficulty.

Microsoft Layoffs Mean 'Open Season' for Recruiters

The news that Microsoft will lay off approximately 18,000 workers -- most from the Nokia mobile phone business acquired by Microsoft earlier this year -- will unleash a flood of new talent into the IT hiring market, and could mean "open season" for recruiters, says Jason Berkowitz, vice president of client services for Seven Step RPO

How to Clean Up Your IT Resume

As spring comes to a close, it's an ideal time to clear the clutter from your resume. It's key to make sure you present only relevant, current information in the most attractive way possible. Here, three experts weigh in on what to toss out and what to keep.

How to Build a More Diverse IT Workforce

If you're looking for a way to more easily identify talent from underrepresented groups, Entelo Diversity offers a service that it claims leads to a more diverse tech team.