Stories by By Scott Carey

How Marcus by Goldman Sachs stood up its monitoring in under a day

The observability team in charge of maintaining the health of Goldman Sachs' new digital saving and lending platform Marcus had to quickly stand up a Splunk instance to monitor its logs and establish some key health metrics for its systems as the service quickly scaled.

How the Phantom acquisition changed Splunk's approach to automation

The future is increasingly looking automated for the machine data cruncher Splunk as customers look to ease the burden on analysts grappling with higher alert volumes, and since the acquisition of Phantom in February last year, Splunk has been busy folding the startup's automation and orchestration expertise into its IT and security monitoring product portfolio.

After nine years, Bill McDermott is stepping down as SAP CEO

SAP has announced that CEO Bill McDermott will not be renewing his contract and will be stepping down as the CEO of SAP after a nine year tenure, with Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan taking over, making Morgan the first ever female (co) SAP CEO.

Is unified billing the elephant in the room when it comes to SaaS?

According to its 2019 Business @ Work report, identity management platform Okta found that large enterprises have on average of 163 enterprise applications in their estate. This highlights the prevalence of a culture shift over the past decade away from monolithic license agreements with vendors like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, towards the adoption of a plethora of best-of-breed software as a service (SaaS) tools.

Why the US tech giants are uninterested in getting into open banking

US tech giants Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google - or FAANG as they are collectively known - have shown little appetite to jump into the UK's financial services market under new open banking rules, according to the Implementation Trustee for Open Banking, Imran Gulamhuseinwala.

Five takeaways from Slack's IPO filing

Hot enterprise collaboration software maker Slack has filed its S-1 to go public today, giving our first real insight into its financials and market anxieties.