Stories by Joshua Althauser

How Do You Protect Yourself from Microsoft Office Malwares?

Recently, antivirus company McAfee has warned users that Microsoft office has a potentially harmful virus inside that can install Malware into the PC of users once the user installs MS Office in his or her computer. The installation of Malware could lead to the computer slowly deteriorating as well as theft of information.

6 tips for interviewing and hiring programmers

​Hiring good people is an enormously difficult task. The task is further complicated when interviewing technical talent, as you may not be knowledgeable of all the factors that go into writing good code. On top of that, there are so many factors that go into assessing an individual that go far beyond recognizing skills, experience and education. What makes someone a good fit for a role is seldom seen in a resume; the intangibles are what truly set candidates apart.