Stories by Leo King

Bond traders eye electronic shift

Bond traders are increasingly looking to electronic systems to execute their trades, according to market experts, with one vendor noting a tripling in activity.

Government ignites gigantic data sharing plan

The government is set to fast-track data sharing policies in order to allow public sector bodies to much more easily share people's confidential information, under a major plan reportedly being announced next month.

Bond e-trading soars

A move by Goldman Sachs to introduce a full electronic trading system for bonds has come at a time that the industry as a whole is stepping up IT-driven trading. While stocks and shares trading has long been automated in many organisations, bond traders have often stuck with desk-based trading.

News Corp: 14,000 executive emails blown open

Some 14,400 News Corp emails have been published by an Australian newspaper as a storm grows around Rupert Murdoch's company and a former unit's alleged involvement in hacking the smart codes of pay TV rival ONdigital.