Stories by Leo King

NHS removes key data from Summary Care Record

The NHS will stick with the controversial Summary Care Record, but with some significant concessions to public concerns, the Department of Health has confirmed to <em>Computerworld UK</em>.

NHS £13bn IT programme to be overhauled

The troubled £12.7 billion (US$19.1 billion) NHS National Programme for IT is set to be overhauled, after the Department of Health said it would slash spending on consultants for centralised programmes, and promised an "information revolution".

Digital Economy Bill goes to final Lords debate

The Digital Economy Bill will be debated today by the Lords, who will decide if it becomes law, after being <a href="">controversially rushed through</a> in a vote in the House of Commons.

NHS refuses to sign revised £3bn CSC deal

The <a href="">£13bn (US$19.8 billion) NHS National Programme for IT</a> (NPfIT) is facing collapse, after the Department of Health refused to sign a revised a deal with CSC as the outsourcer missed another deadline.

BBC slashes Web budget

The <a href="">BBC</a> has announced it is slashing the amount of money it spends on its website.

BSkyB wins in £709m lawsuit against HP-EDS

BSkyB has won at least a substantial part of its <a href="">£709 million (US$1.15 billion) lawsuit against EDS</a>, over a failed £48 million customer system implementation.

HP and Fujitsu staff stop work in biggest strike yet

Hundreds of staff at both HP and Fujitsu have taken part in two separate <a href="">strikes</a> today, affecting major government and private sector IT contracts.