Stories by Leo King

'Crimeware as a service' the next big thing

'Crimeware as a service', where criminals use online cybercrime services instead of running their own servers and software, is the latest development in internet crime, according to a report.

Lloyds Bank to axe 210 IT staff

Lloyds, the UK’s fifth largest bank, which recently reported half year profits up 15% at £2 billion (NZ$5.4 billion), is offshoring 210 jobs to India.

British chemist chain ditches IT director role

UK pharmacy and beauty retailer Boots has confirmed it will drop the role of IT director, after the Rob Fraser, the last Boots employee to hold the position, stepped down earlier this month.

IT’s return still not being measured, survey finds

Only 27% of IT managers have directly measured the return on investment from ITIL implementations, and under half measured the value that IT service management brings to their business, according to new research.

Licensing confusion in UK

Almost two-thirds of IT managers in the UK are unclear what software is being used in their companies, and a third are unable to account for how many software licences they own, according to a survey.