Stories by Leo King

Credit Suisse traders 'manipulated IT systems' to hide losses

Two traders at Credit Suisse have pleaded guilty to wire fraud and falsifying data after authorities said they had manipulated the bank's record systems, as the credit crunch approached, in order to help conceal over half a billion dollars' worth of losses.

Hedge fund in multimillion dollar settlement over Dell 'insider trading'

Diamondback Capital Management, a large US hedge fund managing billions of dollars of assets, has settled a <a href="">groundbreaking FBI case around the alleged $62 million (£40 million) insider trading of Dell and Nvidia stock</a>.

Juror jailed after researching case on internet

Dr Theodora Dallas, a 34-year old juror who researched a defendant on the internet and shared the information with fellow jurors during the trial, has been jailed for six months for contempt of court.

News International email deletion: Judge orders forensic IT search

Rupert Murdoch's News International wilfully deleted emails that could have shown its journalists' participation in <a href="">phone and computer hacking</a>, according to the words of a High Court judge yesterday as he ordered a forensic search of the company's computers.