Stories by Jonny Evans

The 50+ best features in iOS 11

With new apps like Files, a desktop-like Dock and countless smaller tweaks and advances, Apple's new mobile OS offers plenty of enhancements.

How Apple and you can improve iCloud security

Apple's iCloud attack is nothing in comparison with the kind of attacks <strong>every tech firm must prepare for</strong>, as they offer payment and connected solutions for home, health and car. Here's some ways for you to protect yourself and for Apple to improve its own security.

Jonny Evans: Technology is sexist

The number of women working in technology is far below the percentage in the workforce at large, and enrollment numbers suggest that improvement isn't imminent.

Apple and Samsung: What's behind the patent fight

Samsung took a step toward finding a kind of "pax tabletica" with arch-foe Apple in an Australian court last week, offering to remove features from its Galaxy Tab to avoid a court ban on sales of the device in that country. But what's really interesting about the case isn't the technical litigation, but the underlying attempt to define how much of a product's design is actually protected under existing, fragmented international laws.

Body-controlled iPod

Japanese researchers have created an iPod control system that lets users jump through their music by blinking their eyes.

Freeway 5 ships in March

Softpress Systems has confirmed both Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express will ship on March 27. Freeway 5 introduces a range of new tools, including those for the creation of CSS menus for site navigation.

New Samsung hard drive

Samsung has introduced a 160GB-capacity 1.8inch hard drive that can be used in portable devices, including iPods.