Stories by Ted Smalley Bowen

The digital preservation of Lady Liberty

FRAMINGHAM (11/18/2003) - When 22nd century conservators need to clean or patch the Statue of Liberty, they'll have a wealth of details to draw on -- provided they can access the data and make heads or tails of their predecessors' notes on the monument's condition and the work done on it.

New Zealand Hangover Cure: Coffee with Milk

New Zealanders rising to face the new year after a heady night of celebrations won't have to take their coffee black or choke down their cereal without milk. Like the rest of this early date-line country, the year-2000 date rollover seems to have gone smoothly at New Zealand Dairy Group, New Zealand's biggest dairy products company.

Broadband Options Grow, and Intel steps into the fray

Looking to cash in on an anticipated spike in demand for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and other broadband Internet access technologies, Intel has launched a business unit to produce broadband access hardware, and the company is forming a partnership with Cisco to further its DSL efforts.

Java politics reign as discord heightens

The politics surrounding the standardisation of Java boiled over this week, casting doubt on how and when the technology will become enshrined as a set of industry specifications.

Borland CEO oversees changing course

Since joining Inprise in 1996, then Borland International, CEO Del Yocam (pictured) has overseen several acquisitions and reorganisations designed to focus the company's resources on enterprise tools and the middleware market. Prior to taking over at Inprise, Yocam presided over a turnaround effort at Tektronix, and served as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Apple Computer. Ted Smalley Bowen sat down with Yocam to discuss the future of Inprise.

Lotus acknowledges delay, enlarges branch

Lotus officials, who until recently maintained that the complex Notes/Domino Release 5 (R5) upgrade would ship by year's end, acknowledged that the product's release would be delayed until at least the second half of January.
Lotus has also revealed plans to add muscle to its professional services corps. The Lotus Worldwide Services and Solutions Group is slated to be launched in January.