Stories by Derek du Preez

Salesforce denies any post-PRISM cloud trust problems, one of the largest public cloud companies in the world, has strongly denied that there has been any trust repercussions with enterprise customers after the revelations regarding the US' mass surveillance programme, PRISM.

Barclays adopts voice biometrics for customer identification

Barclays Wealth & Investment Management is using Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics solution to automatically confirm and identify customers, instead of using security questions that rely on the customer’s ability to remember a number of different details.

UK Parliament calls back Google over tax claims

Google executives are to be hauled back in front of the UK's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) after new claims about the location of its salespeople, which could have tax implications for the internet giant.

Queen's University Belfast signs Infosys to test cyber security IP

Queen's University Belfast, one of the government's sponsored centres of excellence in cyber security research, has signed a new partnership with Infosys to help it better develop intellectual property (IP) and products that can be used in real-life business scenarios.