Stories by Dan Neel

UnitedLinux born without a Red Hat

A single Linux operating environment unifying the technology of Linux distributors Caldera International Inc., SuSE Linux AG, TurboLinux Inc., and Connectiva will arrive later this year, according to representatives for each company.

Not all vendors rush to roll out new PCs

Not all PC vendors are rushing to introduce new PCs loaded with Intel Corp.'s new 2.2GHz Pentium 4 processor, but on Monday a number of high-profile manufacturers including Gateway Inc., Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp., and Hewlett-Packard Co. launched systems with the new Intel chip inside.

2001: A year of unfulfilled promise for storage industry

Any way you slice it, 2001 could have been a better year for the storage technology industry. But despite the promise and hype surrounding the three key storage issues of the year -- virtualisation, IP storage, and SAN (storage area network) and NAS (network attached storage) convergence -- 2001 ended up being little more than a staging ground for future progress, according to industry experts.

Delay in chip-making process could hurt AMD

Although Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) keeps plans to change its chip making methods locked up tight, analysts are warning that delays by AMD in moving to a larger chip wafer could deal a significant advantage to AMD's nemesis, Intel.

Wielding influence

Corporate customers' wireless and mobile needs are forcing PC vendors to sit up and take note, hastening departure from traditional PC packaging and changing the face of PCs to come

Sun to unveil 64-bit Serengeti server

Sun Microsystems Inc. will introduce the company's long-awaited Serengeti server line at the company's Data Center to the Nth event in New York on March 27th, according to sources close to the company.

Intel seeks to renew IA-64 excitement

Intel Corp. hopes to demonstrate that there is still plenty of momentum surrounding the support of IA-64, even though the platform's Itanium processor has been delayed for nearly three years.

Dell closes its online marketplace

Less than a year after its ambitious launch, Dell Marketplace, the cutting-edge business-to-business e-commerce site from Dell Computer, has been shut down, according to Ken Bissell, a spokesman for the Texas-based PC maker.

Microsoft claims thin-client OS lead

Microsoft may be considered a PC stalwart by server/client evangelists like Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, but the Redmond, Washington-based company's operating systems ship on more server-client computing terminals than any other, according to a recent study by IDC.

Intel's Pentium 4 processor to arrive tomorrow

Intel will tomorrow will usher in the age of its NetBurst micro-architecture with the introduction of the Pentium 4 processor, according to sources for the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant.

IBM Offers Storage Capacity on Demand

Yet another creative approach to delivering storage capacity has arrived from Big Blue in the form of the company's Storage Capacity On Demand program. And according to one analyst, creative storage ideas may be the only way IBM can catch storage market leader EMC.