Stories by Stephen Lawson

Google, Yahoo reach licensing deal

Google Inc. will license technology patented by Yahoo Inc. subsidiary Overture Services in one of two dispute settlements that the Internet search giants announced on Monday.

ITunes songs coming to Motorola phones

Users of some Motorola Inc. mobile phones will be able to purchase songs from Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes service to store and listen to on the phone, leaders of the two companies announced Monday evening.

E-commerce attack tops McAfee's threat ranking

A rivalry between the creators of the Netsky and Bagle viruses helped cause a dramatic increase in threats against home and enterprise computers in the first half of this year, but the most serious threat was Download.Ject, a Trojan that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser, according to McAfee Inc.

NEC unit pleads guilty to defrauding schools

NEC-Business Network Solutions has pleaded guilty to defrauding a US government program for school Internet connections, settling criminal and civil cases against the company through a $US20.6 million plea agreement.

US okays vendors for defence network

The agency upgrading a global communications network for the US military has approved plans by contractor Science Applications International (SAIC) that would bring in six major subcontractors to supply the equipment underlying the network.

FCC orders wired-to-wireless number portability

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - Telecommunications customers in the U.S. will be able to take their phone numbers with them when they swap their wireline phones for wireless, if an Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order issued Monday has its intended effect,.

World Summit bodies debate open document formats

Open systems software could become a key topic at December's World Summit on the Information Society. Many governments are inclining towards open source platforms like Linux, and the question of longevity of records has also arisen.

DNS marks 20th birthday

The database system that sends Web surfers to the right page and gets email messages where they need to go turned 20 years old this week.

Where those ideas really come from

Silicon Valley is full of ideas: Good ones, bad ones, ones that flop and a few that make people billions. At places like Palo Alto Research Center, people come to work every morning just to think up new ideas.

WorldCom's old board steps down

Most members of the board of bankrupt telecommunications service provider WorldCom Inc. have resigned following court approval of Michael Capellas as the new chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), the company announced Tuesday.