Stories by Stephen Lawson

IBM shows glimpses of Bluetooth future

IBM Corp. is spreading its development resources widely in search of Bluetooth-enabled devices that users will embrace as part of their personal area networks.

Compaq to slide wireless networking in to Armadas

Compaq next year will push into the frontiers of networking even as it rolls out an innovative expansion module for the next version of its Armada notebooks.
On the eve of the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, the company demonstrated embedded USB (Universal Serial Bus) modules for standards-based wireless LAN (local area network) and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, in the MultiPort slot of its next-generation Armada enterprise-class notebooks.

PCCW, Telstra Finalise partnership

Hong Kong internet company Pacific Century CyberWorks on Thursday announced final agreement on a partnership with Australian telecommunications carrier Telstra to create joint ventures in internet backbone capacity, data center services and wireless communications and content.

IDC Sees Online Ad Boom in Asia-Pacific

Online advertising will proliferate across the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) over the next four years, growing to a value of more than US$1 billion by 2004, according to a report released today by International Data Corp. Asia-Pacific.

Sony takes back PlayStation 2 units for testing

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has taken back PlayStation 2 game consoles from some users for testing, though it has stopped short of issuing a recall of the hot new product or its memory card, a Sony representative said yesterday.

Beijing Tightens Internet Rules

A flurry of Internet-related regulations by the Beijing government, some recently announced and others expected soon, could chill foreign investment in Mainland China and make it more difficult for foreign businesses to operate there, according to market observers. The regulations cover a wide range of concerns, including transmission of unapproved information, use of data encryption technology and initial public offerings of businesses in China.

Asia E-Commerce Deals Tap Into Big Market

A string of Asian electronic commerce initiatives kicked off in recent weeks will tap into a market headed for phenomenal growth over the next several years, according a recent International Data Corp. (IDC) report.

Foreign firms to leap into China Internet

Foreign companies this week are setting their sights on China's fast-growing Internet services business, amid reports that the government will legalize outside investment in the industry as early as this quarter.