Stories by Nancy Weil

Sci-Fi future full of viruses and villains

After hearing three top science-fiction writers pontificate on their visions of the future during a panel discussion at Comdex, there is this to say: Run! Run for your lives! Pandemics, biological warfare, Bluetooth-like brain implants and diagnostic toilets could await us if the fictional terrain of Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Greg Bear becomes reality.

DOJ takes Microsoft appeals brief to task

Microsoft has had enough time to prepare for its appeal in the US government's antitrust case against the software maker and so the process should be expedited, not slowed down as the company has requested, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) urged Tuesday in a court document.

IBM, Ariba, i2 B2B Alliance Completes First Phase

The first phase in the electronic-marketplace alliance formed by IBM, i2 Technologies and Ariba is now complete, with the vendors working on making their products interoperate with the aim of creating a business-to-business (B2B) platform.

Compaq reports Q2 profit of $US387M

Compaq on Tuesday reported second-quarter net income of $US387 million or 22 cents per diluted common share compared to a loss of $184 million a year ago.

Legal Turmoil Aside, Microsoft Makes a Q4 Bundle

BOSTON (07/18/2000) - Headline-grabbing legal battles aside, Microsoft Corp.
Tuesday reported fourth-quarter net income of US$2.41 billion with diluted
earnings per share of 44 cents, topping analysts consensus estimates by 2 cents
per share.

Microsoft Appeal Could Take Years

The next phase in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case is
the appeals process, which will take months at the least, and is likely to take
well more than a year before completion. If the case is appealed all the way to
the U.S. Supreme Court -- the last stop in the nation's legal process -- law
experts say that it will set the standard for federal antitrust case law for
decades to come.

But that's getting ahead of things. The first step is for Microsoft to
officially file an appeal. That process can begin with a notice of appeal,
which signals the company's intention to appeal. Such a notice would precede
the filing of actual appellate briefs, which does not have to be done

Judge Orders Microsoft Breakup

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson today
ordered the breakup of Microsoft Corp. The "final judgment" in the historic
antitrust case calls for splitting the company in two and also orders
behavioral remedies. Details to follow.

Microsoft counters government remedy

Microsoft has proposed alternative behavioral remedies that it says will lead to greater competition in the operating system market. The software giant has asked a federal judge to toss out the US government's recommendation in the ongoing antitrust case that the company be split in two.

CA casts itself as e-business vendor

Electronic-business will be the overarching theme here this week at the annual Computer Associates International (CA) user conference, with the company touting itself and its software as a key player in that market.

Big picture one of "violence to competitive process" says ruling

US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson today ruled that Microsoft violated federal antitrust laws, and that only in viewing the company's various areas of misconduct "as a single, well-coordinated course of action does the full extent of the violence that Microsoft has done to the competitive process reveal itself."

Analysts: Ruling Unlikely to Change Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. has been ruled a monopolist law breaker by a U.S. district court judge, but analysts today said that label isn't likely to change how the company does business. At least not immediately.