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Security company promotes code-crackers (in film)

iCheap shuffle
When the iPod was generating huge excitement – and commensurate amounts of money for Apple last year – one E-tales cynic suggested that Apple had done well to charge so much for what was essentially a mini-hard drive.
Now, at last, someone else has got the same idea and, while the Japanese company concerned won’t be making Apple-sized dollars, we’re sure it will still make a tidy profit on commoditising the must-have consumable of 2005.
Evergreen is selling a cut-price MP3 digital music player for just ¥999 – about NZ$13. The DN-2000 weighs in at just 30 grams and is about six centimetres across and 1.5 centimetres thick. It comes equipped with headphones but no memory – users plug in a $20 memory stick pre-loaded with their choice of music. It doesn’t allow users to programme the order of songs either, but neither does the iPod shuffle.