Stories by Brian Fonseca

Data explosion forcing IT to seek new backup tools

The need to control and secure a continuing explosion of data across the corporate world is forcing IT managers to constantly be on the lookout for new equipment that can handle perpetually evolving requirements.

New Intel processor targets consumer and mobile markets

Intel has launched its System-on-Chip (SoC) EP8579 integrated processor, which it says offers lower power and customisation capabilities for embedded voice, storage and security applications. The new product family is the first wave of Intel's revamped SoC design, which adds smarter chip intelligence, according to the company.

SAP opts to shutter TomorrowNow

SAP AG has announced plans to close its TomorrowNow subsidiary later this year, after failing to find a buyer for the support operation.

Samsung, Sun develop NAND chip

Samsung has unveiled a high-endurance 8GB single-level cell NAND flash memory chip, jointly developed with Sun Microsystems, which can significantly boost the lifespan and performance of solid-state drives.

SAP to shut down TomorrowNow in October

SAP has announced that it plans to close its TomorrowNow subsidiary later this year after failing to find a buyer for the Oracle-PeopleSoft-Siebel-JD Edwards support provider.

Start-up launches cloud storage beta

Nirvanix has launched a beta version of its new CloudNAS online storage service, whichit says allows corporate users to drag and drop files from network PCs into a cloud storage repository.

Unstructured data at risk in most firms, survey finds

Corporate information stored on file servers and network attached storage (NAS) devices is in danger of compromise because IT governance policies and access rules in many companies are incapable of dealing with a massive growth of unstructured data, according to a Ponemon Institute report issued Tuesday.

Sun makes storage move

Sun Microsystems has unveiled open source software that can repurpose anyOpenSolaris-based x86 server into a block-based storage device capable of emulating the physical characteristics of a storage array.

Rackspace unveils cloud storage

Rackspace has unveiled CloudFS, a web-services-based online storage service that will allow software developers to store, back up and access files and content for their applications. It will be available later this year. embeds Google Apps in hosted CRM software Monday said it has integrated Google's hosted email, instant messaging, calendaring and spreadsheet applications with its CRM service. Analysts said that the move should help Google Apps gain some respect among skeptical IT managers unconvinced of the business suite's enterprise legitimacy.

AMD unveils storage controller

AMD has unveiled a storage controller that can be embedded across entry-level networked storage systems to enhance storage device compatibility and accelerate product development.

Contracts vital to hosted software success: attendees

Companies must make sure that they get adequate protection under contracts signed with providers of hosted software, said users at Computerworld US's SaaSCon conference. IT managers must also make sure that the provider will be around for the long-term, they suggested.

Nano-sized storage discovery

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh say they have invented a method to switch electricity on and off at nanoscale dimensions. This could lead to the creation of more compact data storage devices by increasing aerial density between data bits on silicon.