Stories by Jon Brodkin

2010's IT Companies to Watch: Where are they now?

Last year, Network World identified <a href="">25 IT startups</a> poised to develop innovative technology for a new age of <a href="">cloud computing</a>, <a href="">virtualization</a> and mobility.

Microsoft's 5 biggest weaknesses

For all its success as the world's biggest maker of PC operating systems and office programs, <a href="">Microsoft</a>'s position as the dominant provider of software to consumers is at risk.

Hackers could reverse-engineer Microsoft patches to create DoS attacks

The <a href="">security</a> company Qualys this week demonstrated how to reverse-engineer a <a href="">Microsoft</a> patch in order to launch a denial-of-service attack on <a href="">Windows</a> DNS <a href="">Server</a>.

IBM: The PC is the new mainframe

"The PC is dead!" We've heard that message a lot since the birth of Apple's iPad, but when one of the creators of IBM's first PC added his voice to the chorus, people took notice.

Motorola Mobility is Google's biggest acquisition by far

Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility is far and away Google's biggest-ever purchase -- in fact, it's greater than Google's next 10 biggest acquisitions combined and only its third above a billion dollars.

Amazon struggles to restore data to European cloud customers

Amazon is struggling to restore customer data lost because of an <a href="">outage</a> at a <a href="">data center</a> in Ireland, as developers grow increasingly frustrated over the inability to access <a href="">applications</a> they have built on top of Amazon's cloud service.

VMware backpedals on price changes after customer criticism

After criticism over new restrictions on the amount of virtual memory customers can deploy before having to buy new licenses, VMware has boosted the limits on virtual RAM so high that most customers should not be negatively affected.

Microsoft incorrectly claims drop in vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution

In its latest annual <a href="">security</a> <a href=";id=26931">report</a>, <a href="">Microsoft</a> claimed some progress in fending off vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution.

VMware CTO looks back at 'wild ride'

Few IT companies have fundamentally changed the <a href="">data center</a> like VMware. Yet 13 years into VMware's existence nearly all of its co-founders, including the wife-and-husband team of <a href="">CEO Diane Greene and Chief Scientist Mendel Rosenblum</a>, have moved on.