Stories by Peter Sayer

Windows security certificates vulnerable to attack

Attackers could remotely corrupt or delete digital certificates stored on computers running most versions of the Windows operating system due to a flaw in a software component, Microsoft Corp. announced in a security bulletin Wednesday. Microsoft rated the problem critical, and advised all users to install a security patch immediately.

Yahoo reevaluates its mail filters

Yahoo Inc. has cleaned up filters used to protect users of its Web-based e-mail service from malicious scripts embedded in HTML-format messages, and in so doing has put an end to one of the strangest of Internet neologisms.

France, UK announce public-access WLAN plans

The French telecommunication regulator will allow the creation of public wireless LAN (WLAN) "hot spots" in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands before the end of the year, it announced this week.

Nintendo announces Nov. 5 launch for Gamecube

Nintendo announced Wednesday that its latest video games console, the Gamecube, will go on sale in North America on Nov. 5 -- three days ahead of Microsoft Corp.'s planned launch of its first games console.

Amazon introduces honour-based payment system Inc. extended its 1-Click shopping system on Tuesday to enable users to make payments of US$1 or more to other sites on an honour basis, for the use of premium content or simply to express their support.

Microsoft faces legal challenge to Xbox brand

Microsoft could face a legal challenge to its use of the Xbox name for its forthcoming video game console. Microsoft filed its claim to the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on October 1999, but a Florida company registered its use of the Xbox mark with the USPTO on March 1999.

French 3G licences attract few applicants

By the closing deadline of noon on Wednesday, the French government had received just two applications for the four third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications network licenses it plans to sell later this year.

Half of IT Budget Will Be Spent Outside Enterprise

The time is fast approaching when businesses will spend half their IT budget on supporting processes outside the enterprise.
They must make the transition in order to compete in a world where businesses are increasingly focusing on their core competences, analysts from Gartner Group told attendees in Cannes Monday at the company's ITxpo Europe conference.

Jobs announces Mac OS X beta, new iBooks

As expected, Apple Computer Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs used his keynote address at Apple Expo yesterday to announce the availability of the public beta version of Mac OS X. Jobs also introduced new additions to the company's iBook line of portable computers, and announced a faster graphics card option for the company's G4 desktop range.