Stories by Peter Sayer

Microsoft teams with Philips, others on Digital TV

Software giant Microsoft used the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam to push its Microsoft TV client-server software platform as the future of interactive digital TV, announcing agreements with a number of companies Friday.

Study: MS Word documents can be tracked on Web

Creators of Microsoft Word documents can use the application's ability to include Web hyperlinks to remotely track who is reading a document, according to a study by the US-based Privacy Foundation.

France Télécom Faces New Competition in Local Loop

PARIS (07/11/2000) - The beginning of the end for France Télécom SA's
stranglehold on local telephone services in France came Tuesday, when the state
telecommunications regulator proposed to award nine companies licenses to offer
competing wireless local loop services.

Lloyd's of London Backs Insurance Against Hackers

PARIS (07/10/2000) - Security consultancy Counterpane Internet Security Inc. is
offering customers of its managed security monitoring service the savings of 20
percent to 40 percent on insurance against the risk of losing revenue or
critical information through network security breaches, the company announced

'Love' Suspect Ordered Released, Leads Pursued

The Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is pursuing a variety of leads in the ILOVEYOU computer virus case after the Philippine Department of Justice ordered the release of a suspect detained yesterday, according to NBI Director Federico M. Opinion.