Stories by Robert Mullins

AMD on rebound, says CEO

AMD may have fallen behind Intel in manufacturing efficiencies, but product innovations will help it rebound, Hector Ruiz, AMD’s chairman and CEO, said at the company’s recent annual shareholder meeting.

Sun's Rock rolls further towards release

Sun Microsystems has taken another step in the development of its 16-core Rock microprocessor after successfully booting up its own Solaris 10 operating system on a computer with Rock installed.

Apple's board defends Jobs in stock options case

The same day the company posted strong financials, the board of Apple Wednesday publicly defended CEO Steve Jobs against allegations by a former executive about Jobs' involvement in stock options backdating.

Sun: 160,000 channels, should be somethin' on

Sun Microsystems is introducing a new platform for streaming on-demand video over IP networks, to put movies into the hands of customers more efficiently than cable, DVDs-by-mail or the corner video store.

SAAS is hitting its stride

Delivering software as a service (SAAS), accessed from the Internet rather than installed on a computer, is rapidly becoming the way for businesses to use software, said experts attending a conference Tuesday called SaaScon.

Shareholders want change in Apple's stock options rules

Shareholders of Apple Inc., one of more than 100 U.S. companies being investigated for stock options accounting irregularities, will vote at their May 10 annual meeting on whether to change the rules on how options are granted.

IT spending growth forecast to slow in 2007

IT spending is expected to rise 4 percent to 6 percent in 2007, down from 8 percent last year, as companies seek to rein in the expense of running their computer systems, according to a consensus of industry forecasts.

New Red Hat OS features modular design

The newly launched Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system features a modular design that counters the argument by critics that operating systems are becoming too large and complex, a Red Hat executive said at launch ceremonies in San Francisco.