Stories by Terho Uimonen

Yahoo Buys Taiwan's Biggest Portal

In a move aimed at strengthening its position in Asia, Internet bellwether Yahoo Inc. on Thursday unveiled an agreement to acquire Taiwan's leading portal provider Corp. in a stock-swap deal valued at US$146 million.

Chip set availability holds back DDR Athlon boards

Users and system integrators itching to lay their hands on PC motherboards designed around Advanced Micro Devices's new AMD-760 chip set and high-speed DDR (double data rate) memory better not hold their breath.

China's five-year plan: IT, net take centre stage

Speeding up development of the IT industry and the internet are key factors to ensuring the success of China's 10th five-year plan, according to a proposal formulated by the Communist Party of China's Central Committee and made public on Wednesday.

Intel intros flash memory for wireless devices

Intel announced on Monday that later this month it will start shipping samples of new high-performance flash memory chips designed for use in Internet-enabled mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Nokia unveils Net appliance running Linux

Nokia unveiled a prototype of an "infotainment" appliance on Friday that aims to combine the Internet and digital television broadcasting in a living room device aimed squarely at consumers.

Nokia Shares Dive After Q3 Profit Warning

STOCKHOLM (07/27/2000) - Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia Corp. Thursday
reported second fiscal quarter earnings in line with analysts' expectations,
but its share price took a dive as the company warned that third quarter per
share earnings will come in below the second-quarter figure. The news had an
immediate impact on other mobile phone vendors in Europe and the U.S., dragging
down share prices in the sector.