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3 ways to give your IT organisation a skills tune-up

From tying core IT competencies to your business strategies, to creating demand by providing context, to offering career-building tools, three CIOs describe how they define and develop IT staff capabilitiess.

Steel buildings manufacturer integrates its engineering flow

Norm Chambers All our products rely on nonresidential new construction, and that market in this country is more than 45 percent below average right now. We've had three consecutive years of decline, and in 2009, we were at risk of bankruptcy. The question was: What are we going to do to survive? And we answered that by asking: What are we going to do with technology?

Raising your IT staff's business smarts

It is essential to focus on people in order to get value from consolidation. At Eisai, our divisions functioned as separate companies, with the mind-set to match. When we brought together all of the U.S. organizations, I quickly discovered gaps.