Stories by Scot Finnie

How Apple is playing hardball with Microsoft

Tucked in amongst Apple's several hardware debuts last month was word that the company will stop charging for OS X and iWork. Why is Apple willing to forgo this small revenue stream? How might it affect IT buyers? The move is interesting on several fronts.

Want a roadmap for 2011? follow the money

Would you recognise a significant IT business trend if you saw one? Over the years, many products, technologies and IT-related business trends have been hyped beyond their significance. However, the killers are the ones that go unnoticed and wind up being transformational. It is difficult to know the difference, but there is an old journalism adage: Follow the money. With that in mind, here are five things to keep an eye on as we march toward 2011.

IT mindset must change for the coming decade

Most IT organisations probably feel that they have passed through fire, water and ice over the past couple of years. The economic downturn has transformed IT in ways that aren't yet fully evident. Yet, one thing's for sure: For IT, business as usual is not coming back. (And it could be that the recession just hastened the inevitable.)

Firefox 2.0: So-so upgrade for a great little browser

I can sum up my Firefox 2.0 experience pretty neatly: I like it better than Firefox 1.5, but it’s not a major release of the browser. In fact, it’s stretching it to call this Firefox 2.0. Something like version 1.8 would be more realistic.