Stories by Kenneth Corbin

Cyber Threat Protections vs. Personal Data Privacy

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), a modified information-sharing bill, passes the House Intelligence Committee by a wide margin, in order to help better protect American businesses from cyber looters. However, despite ammendments, privacy advocates still see the bill as a threat to personal data privacy protections.

National Security Agency: 'We Need to See What's Going on'

The military's top cyber official this week made an urgent appeal for Congress to pass computer-security legislation, warning that the current legal framework discourages private-sector firms from sharing vital information about looming threats to the relevant government agencies and other businesses.

Will Obamacare Tax Your iPhone as a Medical Device?

Food and Drug Administration official addresses concerns that the agency will impose heavy regulations on consumer devices in health IT rulemaking and discusses possibility of iPhone tax under Obama's health care law.

Privacy Protection for Documents Stored in the Cloud Gets DoJ Nod

As House subcommittee weighs overhaul of 1986 statute to strengthen privacy in the cloud, senators introduce their own legislation to update Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Department of Justice affirms the Obama administration's support for an overhaul.

Cybersecurity Action Not Reaction Needed to Avoid Disaster

Leaders from industry and academia testify at a joint House subcommittee hearing about the importance of government support for cybersecurity research and education. R&D is imperative to bolster defenses again digital attacks on critical infrastructure operated by the government and private sector.

Free Public Wi-Fi to Get Faster to Meet Mobile Demands

In response to the soaring use of smartphones, tablets and other data-hungry wireless devices in public mobile broadband hotspots such as airports and convention centers, government regulators have voted in favor of a proposal to increase the capacity of free public Wi-Fi.

Obama's Executive Order on Cybersecurity Fighting Words to GOP

A prominent GOP lawmaker--opposed to any measure that would expand government oversight over digital infrastructure owned and operated by the private sector--urges President Obama to not issue an executive order mandating new cybersecurity provisions.

Big Data Brings Big Privacy Concerns

Wary of privacy implications of massive data collection systems, the Senate Commerce Committee plans to continue a probe of the industry, coinciding with a separate inquiry underway at the Federal Trade Commission.

Net Neutrality Bill Looms If Court Voids FCC Order

If a federal appeals court later this year strikes down the Federal Communications Commission's open Internet rules, lawmakers will again press for legislation to codify the principle of net neutrality, a prominent House Democrat said on Tuesday.

Cybersecurity Stalls in Senate, Obama Could Issue Executive Order

Now that the latest effort to advance comprehensive cybersecurity legislation has failed in Congress, attention is now shifting to the White House, where officials have been developing an executive order to better protect the nation's critical infrastructure from digital attacks and vulnerabilities.