Stories by Sathya Mithra Ashok

EstarOnline targets growth in NZ and Oz

Christchurch based EstarOnline, which provides ecommerce platform and solutions to Australasian customers, is planning to grow its headcount in New Zealand and Australia.

In pictures: Plan B opens Tawa data centre facility

Business continuity and disaster recovery service providers, Plan B, opened its Tawa, Wellington-based data centre this week. The facility, which will operated under the company's sub-brand of Southern Cross Data Centres (SXDC), will provide co-location and backup services to customers as part of a national network of facilities. If the remaining install goes according to plan, the company plans to go live with services in the data centre by the middle of September.

Interview: CEO of Spark Digital talks company rebrand

Rebranding is never an easy exercise. And when you are trying to do that for an iconic service provider that has been part of the country’s economic fabric for well over two decades, it is akin to a bit of madness.

Intergen moves toward continuous engagement model

Newly-appointed NZ CEO of Intergen, Simon Bright, talks about the company’s move away from traditional services to Cloud-based services, its investment in Australia and the ways in which the firm has changed its sales strategy to address disparate decision-making processes and deliver on business-based outcomes in organisations.

In pictures: NZ Tech facilitates political panel discussion on ICT issues

New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZ Tech) conducted its AGM yesterday in Auckland. The AGM brought together vendors and industry stakeholders to discuss progess of NZ Tech and its initiatives. At the end of the AGM, the association facilitated a political panel discussion. It brought together representatives of some of the political parties in the country to discuss their ICT policy and detail the roadmap if they were chosen to lead the country in the next election.