Stories by Jennifer DiSabatino

Spam, viruses hit bottom line in US

The intrusion of viruses and spam on corporate networks has grown from an annoyance to a costly problem in the U.S., even forcing companies to double up on prevention. In Europe, however, privacy protections may be limiting the spam problem.

Sprint releases enterprise IM

Sprint on Monday entered the enterprise instant messaging (IM) market with a hosted, behind-the-firewall service that works on various devices and across carrier networks.

Lotus targets cost savings

This year's annual user's conference for Lotus Software Group isn't expected to reveal any major product announcements and instead will take a hard look at using collaborative technology to save money for the enterprise.

Drowning in email?

It's a back-end behemoth. Jokes, pictures, work documents, presentations and video clips. Companies are storing gigabyte upon gigabyte of items they don't need, and they haven't organised those they do so the end user can get at them.

New virus targets and encrypts .exe files

Antivirus vendor Central Command has detected a new worm that, disguised as a warning from Microsoft, mass mails itself to users and once launched from an attachment, encrypts executable files, rendering them unusable.

MSN Messenger back up, but some buddy lists lost

Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday that its MSN Messenger online chat service is back up and running for all users. The only remaining problem is that about 1 percent of users will have to rebuild their buddy lists for the free instant messaging (IM) service.

MSN Messenger is back up for most users

After seven days of interrupted service, Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Messenger chat service is back online for most of its customers who lost access to the service for nearly a week, the company said Monday.

Microsoft to embed Messenger in Windows XP

Microsoft will embed its Messenger software in the Windows XP desktop, making the instant messaging (IM) tool now available through MSN readily available on a user's desktop, the software giant announced this week.

Study outlines the cost of internal spam

An upcoming study suggests that getting rid of the gossip, jokes and other unproductive e-mail from colleagues can save up to 30 percent of the time an employee spends reading e-mail.