Stories by Lauren Brousell

8 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Change Sports

The leading minds in sports convened in Boston last week at the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference to share ideas about how big data will be a game-changer for fans, players, coaches, officials and front-office personnel.

NFL's CIO Looks to Improve Fan Experience With In-Stadium Tech

NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle talks about plans to encourage NFL teams to deploy Wi-Fi and analytics engines in their stadiums. The goal is to improve the in-stadium experience, to allow fans the ability to use their mobile devices to consume more football content and share the experience.

5 ways to avoid mobile app development failure

Businesses are moving fast to address the demand for both employee- and customer-facing mobile apps. However, there is a danger in rushing. Here are five ways to avoid pushing out a mobile app too soon.

Three Steps To Productive Meetings

Meetings are a necessary evil in the business world -- few people like them, but without face-to-face discussion time, problems persist. Minimize the anguish and get the most out of precious time by following this expert's advice.

Unified Communications Success Depends on Changing Habits

Disrupting the way employees interact is often risky. And deploying <a href="">unified communications (UC) tools</a> can be riskier than other enterprise software rollouts because it affects employees' ingrained habits. "People move at their own pace around [this] technology," observes Barry Libenson, CIO of Land O'Lakes. "It's not like a new ERP system."

Tablets take precedence

According to our biannual tech priorities survey, spending on mobile and wireless continues to rise, with 54 percent of CIOs planning to increase budgets in that area, up ten percent from January. Tablets in particular seem to be gaining ground -- 55 percent of the 261 respondents plan spending increases there.

2011 CIO 100: Companies Use IT to Rethink Consumer Services

<strong>Security</strong> Moving money from a personal investment account can be a complex process involving trips to the bank, fees and paper forms designed to ensure compliance with regulations. And it can be full of stress, because such transactions often occur during a life milestone, such as retirement.

5 Things You Need to Know About Google Chromebooks

1. Widespread user adoption may be slow. With a <a href="">Chromebook</a>, all applications and storage are in the cloud, which means workers will have to adapt to a whole new way of computing. While most popular business apps have Web versions, their functionality isn't as advanced and users would have to learn new Web interfaces. Also, printing and uploading files requires workarounds. "It will be hard to predict the capacity issues, which will inhibit the adoption of this true cloud-based [solution]," says Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates.