Stories by China Martens

Sun seeks developers help to make Solaris ubiquitous

Sun Microsystems has great ambitions for the commercial and open-source versions of its Solaris operating system, hoping to achieve for Solaris the kind of ubiquity already enjoyed by Java. To come close to reaching that goal, Sun needs to reach out more to developers and endeavour to overcome some long-held prejudices against the OS.

Oracle to broaden use of new data grid software

Oracle has released the first version of the Coherence in-memory data grid software since it bought the vendor of that software, Tangosol, earlier this year. Over time, Oracle hopes to dramatically widen the appeal of the product.

Cisco to take stake in VMware

Cisco Systems plans to acquire a 1.6% equity stake in virtualisation software company VMware, mirroring a step Intel took earlier this month.

User pressure leads SugarCRM to adopt GPLv3

SugarCRM Inc. is to adopt version 3 of the GNU general public license (GPLv3) for the next release of its open-source CRM (customer relationship management) software after coming under pressure from its user community to move away from its own Sugar Public License.

Sun to donate Cluster code to OpenSolaris community

Sun Microsystems Inc. on Wednesday is to begin donating its Solaris clustering code to the open-source community, the latest move in the company's ongoing strategy to eventually make all of its software freely available. and Google release joint product and Google announced a strategic global partnership last week, but it wasn’t the widely expected tight integration between Google Apps and’s hosted CRM (customer relationship management) software. Instead, the two vendors brought out their first jointly developed and co-marketed product combining Google AdWords with Salesforce on-demand CRM.

Bill Gates delivers a call to arms on global inequities

Bill Gates returned to Harvard University on Thursday to address its graduating class and receive an honorary degree after dropping out of the college 33 years ago to found Microsoft Corp. He spent much of his address on the issues of global poverty and disease, advancing ideas on how to encourage more people to get involved in trying to resolve those huge problems.

Oracle to launch 11g database on July 11

Oracle Corp. has finally committed to a launch date for the next major release of its database. Appropriately enough, the vendor plans to unveil Oracle Database 11g on July 11.

Oracle revamps and rebrands Stellent

Not long after unveiling a roadmap for its enterprise content management (ECM) software, Oracle has released the first of the revamped products laid out in that strategy.

Next MySQL release will include storage engine

The most significant development in the next major release of MySQL’s open-source database, MySQL 6.0, will be the inclusion of the vendor’s homegrown Falcon storage engine, according to company CEO Marten Mickos.

Linux Foundation updates Linux Standard Base

The Linux Foundation updated its Linux Standard Base (LSB) server specification Monday to include new automated testing toolkits to make it easier to develop applications for different distributions of the open-source operating system.

Oracle and IBM join services consortium

IBM and Oracle, more often rivals than partners, have joined in helping create an industry consortium that is focused on establishing what it calls “service science”.