Stories by Lee Davis

IITP chews telco Bill

New Zealand’s Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) has joined Microsoft and Google in criticising the Telecommunications (Interception and Security) Bill.

Statistics NZ calls for business intelligence

Government agency, Statistics New Zealand, has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) calling for business intelligence solutions that will help provide a more efficient way to present the country’s statistics as a business service.

3D printed gun fires up sales

Sales of 3D printers have doubled for an Auckland-based distributor since a story about making all-plastic guns hit the headlines in May.

Small fortune in the phones we throw away

There is a growing business in recycling old or busted mobile phones for their spare parts and the milligrams of gold, palladium, silver, copper and lithium they contain.

Huawei dealers keep mum on spying claims

Huawei dealers are keeping schtum on recent spying claims involving the Chinese-owned company. The New Zealand government came under fire recently for allowing Huawei to become involved in the roll out of the UFB project in New Zealand after Australia, and the USA has banned Huawei from bidding on certain contracts in those counties because of fears that Huawei is linked to spying activity relating to its company directors’ military backgrounds.

Tax law changes for cloud storage proposed

A major obstacle to overseas cloud computing could be removed as the Inland Revenue Department is working towards developing guidelines for offshore cloud service users.