Stories by Agam Shah

Datacentre consolidatation on the cards at Intel

Intel is maintaining a four-year refresh cycle for servers in datacentres as it looks to save close to US$250 million in datacentre costs over an eight-year period, the chipmaker's CIO says.

Intel to show off laptops, netbooks

Intel will show off key products next week that the chip maker hopes will expand its presence in the mobile space, while driving it into new markets.

Q2 server revenue reached 1996 low, IDC says

Worldwide factory server revenue reached its lowest in more than a decade during the second quarter of 2009, bitten by weak demand and constrained IT budgets, according to an IDC study released on Wednesday.

AMD to drop clock speed in 12-core chips

Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming 12-core chips will draw the same power as existing six-core chips, but will have reduced clock speeds, a company official said Monday.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon to fight Google book deal

Microsoft, and Yahoo plan to join a consortium to fight a proposed settlement Google has made with authors and publishers over its Google Book Search service, according to a report published in The New York Times.