Stories by Agam Shah

Intel once again delays Itanium chip

After multiple delays, Intel on Thursday once again pushed back the release of its next-generation Itanium server chip to the first quarter of 2010.

IBM appliance speeds up software installation

In an effort to set itself apart from other server vendors, IBM on Tuesday said it was stepping up efforts to make purpose-built appliances that remove the complexity of integrating software and services in a system.

Netbook shipments rise sevenfold during Q1

An Apple official may have trashed netbooks for cramped keyboards and "junky" hardware, but shipments for the inexpensive laptops are showing no signs of slowing down.

Sun Sparc's future unclear under Oracle

Oracle has stated it was Sun Microsystems' software business that made it want to buy the company, raising significant questions around the fate of Sun's hardware business, analysts say.

OLPC drops AMD chips

One Laptop Per Child has refreshed its XO-1 laptop hardware, dumping chips from AMD in favour of ones from Via Technologies.

AMD plans 16-core server chip

Advanced Micro Devices is designing a server chip with up to 16 cores, quadrupling the count of its current quad-core server chips, the company said Wednesday.

Rackable to buy vanquished SGI

Rackable Systems says it plans to buy the assets of bankrupt Silicon Graphics (SGI) for roughly US$25 million (NZ$44 million) in cash, and will also assume certain liabilities.

Report: HP may offer Android in netbooks

Hewlett-Packard is considering offering an operating system platform developed by Google in its netbooks at the expense of Microsoft's Windows OS, according to a recent report.

Multicore chips pose big challenge for industry

Adding more processing cores is becoming the main way of boosting the performance of server and PC chips, but the benefits will be greatly diminished if the industry can't overcome certain hardware and programming challenges, said participants at the recent Multicore Expo in Santa Clara, California.