Stories by Agam Shah

Intel, Adobe want to see Flash on TV screens

Intel has ported Adobe Systems' Flash software technology to work with its processors used in consumer electronics such as set-top boxes and high-definition TVs, Intel said Monday.

Power and money saving technologies expected at CES

A number of cool and weird items will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show next month, including a money-saving surge protector and a pair of goggles that double as a mobile TV. Also on display: Silicon Mountain's Allio high-definition LCD TV, which doubles up as an all-in-one PC, and Meade's ETX-LS, a smart telescope that takes novice star-gazers on an audio-visual tour of the night sky. Here's a snapshot of some of the cool gadgets and electronics on the CES show floor.

SSD move by Samsung

Samsung is upgrading its memory technology and manufacturing processes, which could lead to price drops for solid-state drives (SSDs).

Low-end server sales spike in tough economy

Server shipments grew in this year's third quarter, though server revenue declined as companies lowered spending to meet budgetary constraints, according to a study released by Gartner.

Semiconductor revenue down as economy slows

Global semiconductor revenue is expected to fall this year as demand for PCs and consumer electronics slows down, with the trend continuing to affect chip makers next year, analyst firm iSuppli says.

Lenovo PC disabler

Lenovo has announced the Constant Secure Remote Disable service, which allows users to remotely disable a PC by sending a text message.

AMD announces netbooks, 2011 Fusion release

AMD is jumping into the mini-notebook space, announcing that it will deliver processors next year for small laptops that can run basic applications such as web surfing and email.

Intel cuts forecast amid broad spending slowdown

Due to an editing error, the story "Intel cuts forecast amid broad spending slowdown," which ran on the wire Wednesday, gave the wrong date for the end of Intel's fourth quarter. The quarter ends Dec. 27.