Stories by Agam Shah

Looking beyond Moore's Law

In anticipation of Moore's Law becoming irrelevant in the next 10-20 years, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) wants funding for research that could lead to a replacement for current silicon technology.

Dell announces first EqualLogic arrays

Acting immediately on its recent EqualLogic acquisition, Dell has announced a new line of network storage products that the company claims are easy to install and manage.

Dell shuts 140 retail kiosks in US

Dell on Wednesday announced the shutdown of retail kiosks in malls throughout the US as it adjusts its evolving product distribution strategy.
A local Dell spokesperson said the shutdown would not impact the Australian market and its nine kiosks nationally.

IBM makes SMB buy

IBM has boosted its software portfolio for small and medium-size businesses with plans to acquire Canadia's Net Integration Technologies.

Researchers turn camera phone into mouse

Researchers in the UK have developed software that loads camera phones with mouse capabilities, allowing users to swivel a camera phone to scroll or move items on a PC screen.

Intel: It's early for mobile quad-core processors

Intel Monday officially launched Penryn-based dual-core processors for notebooks, but also indicated that users expecting quad-core mobile processors may have to wait until issues surrounding power consumption are resolved.

OLPC CTO Jepsen quits nonprofit effort

The One Laptop Per Child project suffered a blow this week, with Chief Technology Officer Mary Lou Jepsen quitting the nonprofit to start a for-profit company to commercialize technology she invented with OLPC.

Dell acquires Everdream

In an effort to boost its managed IT services portfolio, Dell has agreed to buy desktop services management company Everdream.

OLPC asked to free XO laptop

As commercial sales of One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop close on Monday, a user tracking the nonprofit effort said continued commercial availability of the laptop could benefit OLPC's nonprofit effort, the XO manufacturer and children using it as a learning tool.

Intel launches power-efficient Penryn processors

Intel this weekend launched its long-awaited new line of power-efficient microprocessors, code-named Penryn, designed to deliver better graphics and application performance as well as virtualization capabilities.

Hard drive prices drop as PC demand rises

Competition from flash memory and increased shipment of PCs and consumer electronics are driving down prices and fueling demand for hard disk drives, according to a survey released by iSuppli this week.

OLPC developing new 'supercharger'

As One Laptop Per Child prepares to ship its highly anticipated XO laptops in two weeks, it is developing a "supercharger," a mass battery recharger that will draw power from cows and yo-yos to help the laptops run longer.