Stories by Agam Shah

Acer could block Lenovo's growth in global PC market

A fast growth rate and recent acquisitions in the US and Europe will extend Acer's lead over Lenovo Group as the world's third-largest PC vendor behind HP and Dell, according to a new study released by Gartner.

HP agrees to settle backdating suit

Hewlett-Packard on Monday agreed in principle to resolve the stock-options back-dating suit facing Mercury Interactive, which it acquired in 2006. HP has agreed to pay US$117.5 million (NZ$154 million).

RIM makes gains in consumer market

In its second quarter, Research In Motion reported better growth in its non-enterprise business than in the enterprise market, as the company continues to push into the consumer space.

Accessory makers gear up for iPhone launch

With the hype surrounding the iPhone reaching critical mass on June 29 in the U.S., Apple Inc. wants to ensure third-party vendors sell accessories engineered to work properly with its multimedia cell phone.

Intel, Via settle all patent cases

Intel and Via Technologies have reached a settlement that resolves all pending patent infringement lawsuits between the companies relating to chipsets and microprocessors.

Napster's Home-User Base Increases 500%

Napster, the controversial Web site for swapping music files, has another "record" to its credit: its file-sharing software is the fastest-growing software application ever among US home users, according to a study released by Jupiter Media Metrix on Thursday.

McAfee ships cookie-cleaning software

Ever wondered why certain Web sites recognise your identity as soon you visit them? It's thanks to a 'cookie', a small file containing personal information inserted on your machine by a Web site. Some cookies have the potential to be pretty dangerous, violating user privacy by extracting more sensitive information from your machine than you might like.