Stories by Jon Gold

Impressive HTC One should prove stiff competition for Galaxy S IV

I've written before that it seems like HTC was due for a win one of these days (even though the rumors about the M7 were a bit off) and it sure looks like they've done pretty well for themselves with the new HTC One, which was rolled out Tuesday in New York.

F5 jumps into BYOD with new app manager

F5 Networks on Tuesday will announce a mobile app manager product aimed at simplifying the integration of the omnipresent personal smartphone into corporate networks.

F5's SDN investment puts it in play with Cisco, Juniper

Network acceleration vendor F5's recent purchase of LineRate Systems, a startup specializing in software-defined networking technology, is both a near-term attempt to associate itself with a hot industry technology and a canny look ahead to the future, according to experts.