Stories by Jon Gold

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 shows up in New Zealand, and on an AT&T stat sheet

It may not be much, but the constant drip of rumors surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 4 is beginning to solidify into something like a consistent picture of what the mega-hyped smartphone will look like. The question of when it'll be released, however, is less easily answerable - the conventional wisdom right now seems to favor a due date at some point in April.

Samsung slowly closing the Apple gap

Continued sales gains in the last three months of 2012 have propelled Samsung to within 10% of Apple's smartphone market share, according to the latest research from the NPD Group.

F5 introduces new integrated firewall capability for the datacentre

F5 Networks today rolled out a raft of new and more powerful Application Delivery Networking tools, including its most capable device to date, the Viprion 4800, and an advanced firewall that, when deployed on the 4800, is said to offer industry leading performance.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 buzz still white-hot, but could that mean we're ignoring the HTC M7?

Events have unfolded and rumors have broken -- entirely coincidentally, I'm sure -- in a way such that the upcoming Galaxy S 4 from Samsung has never been far from the front pages. The device is unquestionably the most anticipated Android phone ever, and the appearance this week of apparent photographs pulled from Picasa accomplished the task of keeping the Galaxy S 4 squarely in the forefront of the Android world's attention span.

Amazon acquires text-to-speech company IVONA

Amazon announced Thursday that it has acquired IVONA Software, a Polish company specializing in text-to-speech and voice recognition capabilities. The terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.

Samsung Galaxy S IV: What we (might) know so far

The Samsung Galaxy S IV might be the most-hyped non-Apple smartphone yet, judging by the volume of news coverage that ensues from the smallest possible leaks. Here's our review of what we know -- or, at least, what we think we know -- about the highly anticipated Android flagship.

'Make me Asian' app yanked from Google Play amidst racism concerns

An app called "Make me Asian" that added details like narrowed eyes and conical hats to screenshots of users has been pulled from the Google Play store after inciting widespread public outrage, including a petition that was signed by more than 8,400 supporters.