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Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending Dec. 14

Despite the fact that the Android handset market is a cruel and unforgiving place, most of the major players haven't been overly aggressive toward each other, at least in public. The rare direct swipe at a competitor tends to be reserved for That Other Smartphone.

Younger people, men more likely to get news via tablet

More and more Americans -- particularly if they are younger, richer and male -- are getting more and more of their news content from smartphones and tablets, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Linux 3.7 adds major new ARM processor support

The latest version of the Linux kernel, which was released Monday, includes groundbreaking new features making it compatible with the increasingly popular ARM processor architecture.

Hottest Android news and rumours for the week ending Dec. 7

Is HTC going to turn its recent run of strong releases into meaningful, long-term pressure on Android market leader Samsung? It's certainly starting to look that way, thanks to a new burst of rumors about the Taiwanese company's possible M7 flagship being set for a March release - which could mean that it beats the heavily hyped Samsung Galaxy S IV to market.

New Android app turns ad revenue into famine relief

An innovative new type of mobile advertising is being used to funnel money to support hunger relief efforts. Dubbed GetCharitable, the new Android app replaces the background image on a phone with a periodically updated ad, revenue from which is then directed to an international anti-famine group -- offering users a way to help combat famine for free.