Stories by Jon Gold

Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending November 9

It's been a busy week for Android news and gossip, with interesting information flying around about both hardware and software alike. Arguably the biggest news is the HTC Droid DNA - or possibly DLX - which is the first non-Motorola device to use the "Droid" moniker and the latest in the long-running series called "HTC is terrible at naming things."

Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending Nov. 2

Although Google had to call off its formal Android event due to a historic hurricane slamming into the Eastern Seaboard, all of the major announcements it had been planning were nonetheless made online. In case you haven't been paying attention, that means the LG Nexus 4, Samsung Nexus 10, updated Nexus 7 and -- last but not least -- Android 4.2 were all released as predicted.

Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 project well underway

Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has announced that testers and developers are needed to help bring Ubuntu 13.04 to the Nexus 7 tablet, as part of an effort to move the Linux-based operating system onto multiple platforms.

'Lance Armstrong' bug hunt continues in stable Linux kernel

The discovery of a somewhat alarming bug in the Linux ext4 filesystem provoked a minor wave of panic this week, but project maintainer Theodore Ts'o says it has since become clear that the problem can likely only affect a small number of users.

Raspberry Pi display drivers go fully open-source

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced Wednesday that the Broadcom display hardware used in its flagship Raspberry Pi system board is now the first ARM-based system-on-a-chip to use open-source drivers provided entirely by the vendor.

iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7: A head-to-head tablet comparison

Apple made a point of doing a side-by-side comparison of its new iPad Mini with Google's Nexus 7 at the launch event Tuesday in San Jose, highlighting the mini tablet's thinness, larger viewable screen area and custom app compatibility.

AMD Piledriver CPUs hit the market

AMD has announced that processors based on its much-anticipated Piledriver architecture are now available to the public, in a move that marks the company's competitive return to the world of high-end desktop PCs.