Stories by Jon Gold

Android apps coming to an AMD-powered PC near you

A new partnership between virtual Android specialist BlueStacks and microchip maker AMD will see much of the Google Play store's stock of apps made available to Windows users running AMD hardware, the company announced Thursday.

Hottest Android news and rumors for the week ending Sept. 28

A relatively quiet week in Android phones nevertheless made a big splash in terms of tablets. The undoubted highlight is the news, via DigiTimes, that Google may be planning two new versions of the Nexus 7 -- one priced at the current $199, the other at just $99.

Three quick hits, misses for the iPhone 5

It should surprise exactly no one to learn that the iPhone 5 has been widely proclaimed to be the best smartphone in the world, and that it sold a mind-boggling 5 million units within days of hitting the market.

Dell debuts new KACE management appliance

Dell announced the latest product in its line of KACE management appliances Tuesday, highlighting the new KACE K1000's support for multiple new platforms, new APIs, and streamlining of common tasks.

10 free Android apps that you can use every day

There are a ton of Android apps out there -- 600,000 in the Google Play store alone, the company said at this summer's Google I/O conference -- but there are only a few that rise to the status of being a critical, everyday app for a lot of people. Without further ado, here are some of those that we defy you not to get hooked on.

Dell announces new Windows 8 lineup for businesses

Dell rolled out its new lineup of business-focused Windows 8 computers Wednesday, announcing that it would add two portable Latitude devices and a desktop OptiPlex to its offerings once the new operating system is released.