Stories by Jon Gold

Open-source designs for your very own tricorder now available online

Ever wanted to wave a tricorder at something, furrow your brow, and announce, "captain, I am picking up an odd concentration of signals in this area?" If you have - and what Star Trek fan hasn't? - you might want to give Peter Jansen's tricorder project a look. The Canadian designer recently released full specifications for two versions of his own hand-held multi-sensor.

IBM battles dire mainframe myths

The perception of mainframe technology as outmoded or inefficient is wildly inaccurate in a number of important ways, according to IBM's chief architect for cloud computing, Frank DeGilio.

Intel customers sing praises of new Xeon processors

Intel's launch Tuesday of the latest model Xeon server processors featured testimonials from several early adopters of the E5-2600 line, who lauded the performance and security of systems powered by the new processors.

Tiny Raspberry Pi computer punches above its weight

At a glance, there's not a lot there to see. Despite the absence of an outsized cooling fan, the Raspberry Pi looks a little like an older-model graphics card, with the usual tangle of wires and plastic mounted on a green circuit board.

Apple speeding toward 25 billion app downloads

Apple's running total of the number of app downloads made via its App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion -- which means that the winner of a $10,000 iTunes gift card for the landmark downloader should be chosen sometime today or tomorrow.