Stories by Brad Reed

Verizon-FCC net neutrality fight only beginning

If you thought the <a href="">Federal Communications Commission</a>'s <a href="">vote to approve</a> limited net neutrality rules were the end of the dispute, think again.

Emptoris buys TEM vendor Rivermine

Emptoris, a company that specializes in reducing procurement and contracting expenses, formally purchased telecom expense management vendor <a href=";nwwpkg=towatch">Rivermine</a> this week.

Android gains ground at RIM's expense

While Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS is still the most-used smartphone platform in the United States, it's starting to hear footsteps from Google's Android.

AT&T LTE service to launch by midyear

AT&amp;T will commercially launch its 4G <a href="">LTE services</a> sometime this summer, the carrier announced today at the <a href="">Consumer Electronics Show</a>.

Android knocking on iPhone's door

While the <a href="">iPhone</a> is still the most popular smartphone operating system in the United States, <a href="">Android</a> is hot on its trail and closing in fast.

2011 tech priorities: Finding a place for iPads

While businesses have <a href="">warmed</a> to the iPad more quickly than they did with the <a href="">iPhone</a>, some say they're still figuring out what to make of the device.

FCC's net neutrality order: The basics

Although the FCC voted along partisan lines Tuesday to pass a network neutrality order, it wasn't until hours later that the public got to see glimpses of what was passed.

AT&T buys 700MHz spectrum from Qualcomm

<a href="">AT&amp;T</a> isn’t about to sit back and let Verizon become the undisputed king of 4G LTE networks.

What makes a '4G' app?

When Sprint announced the winners of its &#8220;4G App Challenge&#8221; last week, you may have found yourself wondering what, exactly, constitutes a 4G app.