Stories by Brad Reed

Mobile broadband at 115MHz of spectrum gets fast-tracked

The <a href="">National Telecommunications and Information Administration</a> has identified 115MHz of <a href="">spectrum</a> that can be made available for commercial mobile broadband services within the <a href="">next five years</a>.

Droid Pro tests Android's enterprise chops

Although businesses have been spending more money on Android-based phones recently, they'll have their first opportunity on Tuesday to order an Android phone tailored specifically to enterprise users.

Can Clearwire escape financial doom?

While <a href="">Clearwire</a> added 1.23 million new subscribers in the third quarter of 2010, its operating expenses continued to dwarf its revenues and the company could go bust soon without new capital, the company acknowledges.

Android users split between Froyo, Éclair

According to data released by Google Tuesday, 36 per cent of Android users are running the 2.2 (Froyo) version of the mobile operating system while 41 per cent are running the 2.1 (Éclair) version of the software.  Earlier versions of Android, such as 1.5 and 1.6, are now being used on less than a quarter of Android devices, according to Google.

iPhone, Android battle extends from sales floor to courtroom

The <a href="">smartphone war</a> between the iPhone and Android has now extended from the <a href="">sales floor</a> to the <a href="">courtroom</a>.

Verizon tiered plans charge $10 to $100 per GB for data overages

Now that Verizon has released its <a href="">tiered data plans</a> for tablets, smartphones and USB modems, you're probably wondering what the company will charge you for data overages. The answer, unsurprisingly, is that it all depends on what data plan you're using.

Broadband stimulus creates computer training centers

The <a href="">broadband stimulus program</a> wasn't created just to deploy broadband in underserved rural areas – it was also designed to create education centers to help train more people in how to use the Web.

Broadband stimulus brings WiMAX to rural U.S.

Broadband fans living in some rural areas of the country won't have to wait for Clearwire, Verizon or AT&amp;T to deploy <a href="">4G services</a> in their areas.

FCC projects 275MHz 'spectrum deficit' by 2014

Growth in wireless data demand will lead to a "spectrum deficit" of 275MHz if no new spectrum is released by 2014, the <a href="">Federal Communications Commission</a> projected Thursday.