Stories by Brad Reed

How 'smart antennas' could boost Wi-Fi performance

We've all had the problem of going into a crowded Starbucks and suffering through a substandard Wi-Fi signal, most likely caused by too few access points and too many end users. But what if Wi-Fi antennas could do a better job of detecting how many devices were in a given room and could push data out to them more rapidly on a one-by-one basis? That's what researchers at Gonzaga University are trying to accomplish by testing "smart antenna" technology in their new research lab that just received a federal research grant worth nearly $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation. In this interview, we ask Gonzaga electrical engineering associate professor Steve Schennum to outline the basics of smart antenna systems, to describe how they'll improve Wi-Fi performance and to describe how a smart antenna lab would help out small wireless companies.

FCC chair dings carriers over 'bill shock'

<a href="">FCC</a> chairman Julius Genachowski said Wednesday that the commission would be holding hearings in the near future to address wireless "<a href="">bill shock</a>."

Verizon steals Clearwire's 4G thunder

Verizon made big waves today by announcing that its <a href="">4G LTE</a> network would go online in 38 U.S. markets by year-end.

Samsung WiMAX 2 test hits 330Mbps

Yes, it's only a demonstration. Even so, Samsung's trial of WiMAX 2 technology that touched speeds of 330Mbps is still impressive.

LTE comes to Dallas

<a href="">MetroPCS</a> is on a roll, as the small wireless carrier has launched 4G LTE services in its second market in less than two weeks.

Sprint shows off 4G video apps

BOSTON -- Sprint had a simple message to deliver to Boston today: Its WiMAX network is up and ready for <a href="">business</a>.

Sprint CEO doesn't see metered 4G service

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse today said that he doesn't anticipate Sprint adopting the tiered pricing models for 4G data services that have been floated by rivals AT&T and Verizon.

Goldman bullish on tablets, wireless data growth

Goldman Sachs' investment research arm expects a coming boom in wireless data consumption fueled by <a href="">4G wireless services</a> and the rise of mobile tablet computers.

MetroPCS beats Verizon to LTE punch

MetroPCS became the first wireless carrier in the United States to offer 4G LTE services Tuesday with an official commercial <a href="">launch</a> in Las Vegas.

New Verizon COO oversaw three years of surging wireless growth

Newly promoted Verizon COO Lowell McAdam had a short but productive tenure as head of Verizon's wireless business, which has added 25.5 million subscribers since 2007. Looking forward, Verizon is grooming McAdam to eventually take over as CEO when current Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg retires from the company.

DEMO: How start-up gets TV to smartphones through 3G pipe

Not content to let Hulu and Netflix dominate the video streaming market, Bitbop is determined to break ground in the mobile world by creating a video streaming service tailored specifically for <a href="">smartphones</a>.