Stories by Brad Reed

Google re-jiggering Android OS for tablets

While the latest version of the Android operating system runs on Samsung's Galaxy Tab, it isn't configured to run on tablets in general, according to Google's director of mobile products.

Cisco, Verizon power massive IP net at Meadowlands stadium

The New Meadowlands sports complex has once again proven that a <a href="">gigantic stadium</a> also requires a gigantic <a href="">IP network.</a>

Wireless prices lower despite industry consolidation, GAO finds

Although the wireless industry in the United States has significantly <a href=" ">consolidated</a> over the past decade, the <a href=" ">Government Accountability Office</a> has found that prices have steadily declined over the same period.

Smartphone free-for-all: BlackBerry Torch vs. Droid 2 vs. Epic 4G

It seems as though we've been bombarded with big new smartphone releases this summer, as August alone has seen the release of the <a href="">BlackBerry Torch 9800,</a> the <a href="">Motorola Droid 2</a> and the <a href="">Samsung Epic 4G</a>. 

'WiMAX 2' set to be finalized in November

While LTE starts rolling out from major U.S. carriers in 2011, the WiMAX Forum is hoping to have the so-called WiMAX 2 standard up and ready to go by the start of 2012.

Smartphones as credit cards: Possibly dangerous, definitely inevitable

Now that AT&amp;T and Verizon have <a href="">decided</a> to turn <a href="">smartphones</a> into credit cards, you may be asking yourself, "Is this really a good idea?"

BlackBerry Torch could sink or swim on OS 6

From a tech specs perspective, Research in Motion's new BlackBerry Torch smartphone isn't groundbreaking. Rather, its success or failure will hinge upon the strength of its revamped operating system.

The Android surge goes global

The surge in <a href="">Android phone</a> adoption isn't just confined to the United States, research firm Gartner has found.