Stories by Brad Reed

SaaS firm takes an early dive into 4G

The advent of 4G technologies such as WiMax and LTE has generated a lot of buzz in the consumer market, particular for their potential to change the smartphone market.

US broadband stimulus grants delayed

One of the government agencies in charge of doling out broadband stimulus cash has pushed back the dates for when it will start handing out grants.

AT&T blocks image-sharing site

AT&T on Sunday blocked sections of the popular image-based bulletin board, adding more fuel to the debate over network neutrality.

AT&T says block was security-related

AT&T now says that it blocked portions of the popular bulletin board because it was being used as a base to launch distributed denial of servioce (DDoS) attacks against one of its customers.

Cloud computing to reshape IT: conference

A panel of experts at a recent conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that more organisations will look to cloud computing in the near future because of its potential cost savings and its ability to deliver flexible scaling.

Obama inauguration sets Web traffic record, Akamai says

Akamai's Web traffic delivery surged to record levels during President Barack Obama's inauguration Tuesday, as the company's global content delivery networks had to deliver a peak of more than 7 million simultaneous data streams.

"No-buffer" video streaming

Microsoft and content delivery network services provider Akamai are working on a new video service which promises to deliver high-speed video streaming that won't require buffering.

Service sends text messages to landlines

If you pick up the phone and hear a computerized voice telling you that it's going to be late for a 2 p.m. meeting today, don't worry -- it's probably just one of your co-workers sending you a text message to your landline.