Stories by Brad Reed

Hold off on WiMAX investments, Gartner cautions

Businesses should hold off on investing in WiMAX until the technology is more widely deployed across the United States and until vendors produce more dual-mode cellular/WiMAX handsets, says a new report from Gartner Research.

Should IT pros be thinking about Android?

It's hard to determine whether IT departments should start thinking hard about <a href="">Google's</a> open source mobile <a href="">Android</a> platform, mostly because no Android devices or enterprise <a href="">applications</a> actually exist yet.

Apple wins big in Consumer Reports survey

In what is sure to become more fodder for Mac vs. PC ads, Consumer Reports' latest tech-support survey shows that Apple has the best help-desk support for both laptop and desktop systems.

Storm clouds looming for Internet, experts say

While no one predicted a "Mad Max"-style apocalyptic catastrophe, experts at FutureNet this week nonetheless said that Internet architecture will face stiff challenges over the next few years that could put significant strain on the Web's effectiveness.

Wireless carriers crow about openness

The message from the big carriers at this year's CTIA Wireless conference was crystal clear: We're opening up as fast as we can, just don't push us.

Apple iPhone SDK will open applications for iPhone

<a href=" ">Apple</a> is expected to unveil its <a href="">iPhone software development kit</a> Thursday, which the company says will open up the popular wireless device to applications from outside developers.

What the iPhone can, and can't, provide enterprise users

With AT&amp;T's announcement last week that it would begin offering iPhone data plans, many CIOs and IT executives may be curious to see how the popular consumer devices can boost productivity within the workplace. But before making any investments, CIOs should have a clear understanding of just what the iPhone can and can't provide for enterprise users.

Sprint gets WiMAX soft launch underway

<a href="">Sprint</a> announced a soft launch of its <a href="">WiMAX </a>services is underway in three major U.S. cities as a trial run to prepare the technology for wider launch later this year.

What to expect from Google and the 700-MHz spectrum auction

One of the biggest telecom events in 2008 is slated to occur just six weeks from now. Starting on January 24, both telcos and Internet companies will be able to place their bids on blocks of the 700-MHz spectrum, which are scheduled to be vacated by incumbent UHF television broadcasters in February 2009.

Femtocell opportunities growing: panelists

With femtocells gaining more attention as a potential money-saving technology, several companies are racing to claim space in the emerging femtocell market, said members of a recent panel hosted by MassNetComms, the Massachusetts Network Communications Council.