Stories by Brad Reed

T-Mobile getting LTE at last

T-Mobile has at last unveiled its plans for deploying LTE, as the company today said it will invest $4 billion to have LTE services available sometime in 2013.

Is smaller better for iPad size? Two gadget repair gurus weigh in

<a href="">Apple</a>'s <a href="">iPad</a> may be the most successful tablet in the world, but few manufacturers seem willing to copy it from a size perspective.

Kindle Fire shipments can't hold candle to iPad, says iSuppli

The Kindle Fire has been the most successful <a href="">Android</a> tablet to date but that doesn't mean its flame is burning anywhere near as bright as the <a href="">iPad</a>'s.

FCC axes LightSquared LTE dreams

Anyone expecting LightSquared to bring LTE services to their neighborhood got a rude awakening today when the Federal Communications Commission said it would not permit the company to run an LTE network on satellite spectrum.