Stories by James Cope

Cisco unveils new voice over IP products

In what it called its biggest voice technology announcement of the year, Cisco Systems yesterday rolled out a dozen new voice over IP (VOIP) products and enhancements to existing voice products.

Novell set to release NetWare 6 in October

Novell Inc. last week announced plans for a mid-October release of NetWare 6, a new version of the struggling company's network operating system that's supposed to free users from the need to install NetWare client software on their PCs.

Andreessen: Bet on telecom standards, not vendors

Telecommunications companies can better serve their customers and their own business interests by giving up the outdated concept of vertical integration, Marc Andreessen, chairman and co-founder of Loudcloud Inc., told 300 people at the Forrester Telecom Forum Monday.

Valentine's Day puts online flower shops to the test

Flowers, the quintessential Valentine's Day gift, have migrated to the Web, big time. And processing all the transactions being submitted by online buyers in a short period of time is putting the Internet infrastructure of Internet-based flower shops to the test.

Boeing Tests Automated Data Tool

Moving data from legacy applications to commercial off-the-shelf software can disrupt operations. But software engineers at The Boeing Co. in Seattle said recently that they have successfully tested a method that could make the process safe and seamless.

Palm IPO Flies High

The stock of the company that makes the Palm personal digital assistant soared as high as $165 per share in its first day of trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange yesterday but settled back into the 90s and opened at $97.25 per share today.

3Com hikes Palm IPO price

Heading toward an IPO (initial public offering) that might hit as early as this week, 3Com has said that it's doubling the offering price for its Palm spin-off from $US15 to $30 per share.

Internet ready for Mars image traffic

While scientists around the world salivate at the prospect of sampling soil contents and finding water on the red planet, corporate webmasters and network managers may be eyeing NASA's Mars Polar Lander mission from a more down-to-Earth perspective.