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  • Agile poses challenges, ruffles feathers

    Agile programming, in which teams build software in short iterations rather than mapping everything out in advance from start to finish, offers benefits like flexibility but poses organisational challenges as well, speakers stressed at a workshop last month.

  • Agile approach may clash with govt tender policy

    With the recent cancellation of the Government Shared Network and clouds hanging over some other multi-million-dollar, long-term initiatives, a GOVIS mini-conference earlier this month on agile development in government ICT was perhaps timely.

  • Opinion: Outsourcing Agile – can it be done?

    First let’s start with a contentious statement: an Agile approach is crucial to the success of any web/software development project that contains significant technical or business ambiguity.

  • Oracle’s 10 acquisitions in 2007 (so far)

    Oracle's offer to purchase BEA Systems for US$6.7 billion (NZ$9 billion would be the company's 10th acquisition in 2007. Here's a look at each purchase and what it means for Oracle, one of the industry's dominant applications vendor.

  • Idoine trumpets customer benefits in Oracle acquisitions

    Since Oracle’s new country manager arrived in March, the company has aquired two new companies, the latest instalments in an almost unprecedented $US25 billion (NZ$34 billion) 32-company series of acquisitions since January 2004.

  • Future looks bright for agile coding

    A new force is making itself felt in the world of software development. Advocates of the agile development methodology claim that its potential to increase productivity in some areas is so bright that coders are going to need to wear shades to write software with it.